May 19, 2020 2 min read

Introducing  MJ Carlson and Chantel Gia, the two amazing ladies who have created one of our favorite jewelry brands: Electric Picks!
 (Chantel left, MJ right)
Q: How many kids do you have and what are their names?
A: MJ: I have one 18-month old munchkin! His name is Colton Anthony. 
Chantel: I have a daughter named Olivia who is almost 16 and. son named Caden who is 12.
Q: Hardest part about working and being a mom during a pandemic? Any moments that were super hard but you will look back and laugh?
A: Chantel: I usually work from my home studio, so not much has changed here. This past month though, having both kids home 24/7 has really created some of the most special moments I'll cherish forever. this has been the most quality time we have had since they were little and I'm enjoying every family movie night or baking sesh I can get right now. Anytime I watch the news it really stresses me out. If my kids come into the room and I have it on, they will grab the remote and change it saying, "You do not need to be watching that! It's only going to make you sad." It's like, who is the parent again?
Q: Where is your business located? Where do you live? 
A: Our business is located in Hoboken, NJ. MJ is from there as well and Chantel is located in Hidden Hills, CA!
Q: What is your brand and what’s it all about? 
A: Our jewelry brand is all abour what we call our 3 C's.
Each collection is uniquely curated.  Half our year is dedicated to sourcing vintage pieces, designing with our local metalsmith, and ensuring you’re wearing a piece that conveys a story. 
We believe jewelry lives your experiences with you and craft with care so it lasts through all your journeys. Each piece is made with intention locally in New York City in the garment district. 
It’s more than a gold chain to us! We aim to embody an attitude of thoughtfulness in every step of the life cycle. From beautiful packaging to approaching customer service as if you’re already a friend, we’re here for you every step of the way.
electric picks jewelry
 Q: How has the pandemic affected your business?
A: Every person and business has been affected by Covid-19.  There have been ups and downs for our business, as I'm sure there are for everyone.  We've been trying to focus on using every sale to give back to the community.  We've donated over 250 pieces of jewelry to nurses, meals, and masks.  We're also using our platform to support/advocate other small businesses.  
Q: How can we support you?
A:think the best way to support any small business is making a small effort to help however you are able- sharing their products, writing a nice review, commenting on posts, sending a positive message, and if you're able to purchase something- we're extremely grateful!


Q: Inspirational quote? 

A: MJ: "Nothing makes life more beautiful than perpetual kindness." 

Chantel: "Always kiss your children, goodnight, even if they are asleep." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Thank you, MJ, Chantel, and Electric Picks for being our first #MamaFeature! Make sure to check out their collection on!

Xx Lexie

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