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What kind of appointment can you book?

Online, Email, In Person, can work with whatever your specific needs are.

Where are you from?

New York

Who is your style icon?

So many--Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, and Kate Moss to name a few.

Go to outfit:

Agolde 90’s Jean, LNA t-shirt, Chloe sneakers, lots of layered jewelry, and a sweatshirt or sweater always from Lexie. :)

Most played playlist? What’s on it?

On spotify I have a hundred playlists--most played is probably called “its just a playlist.” After that we have “in the store 1-5,” aka songs to listen to in the store--lexieellman on Spotify

Best style advice?

Not all trends work for everyone, dress for you and your body, wear what makes you feel good.

Favorite fashion brand at Lexie?

Le Bon Shoppe

Favorite fashion moment?

Kate Hudson’s Valentino 2003 Golden Globes dress, Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, Liv Tyler in Empire Records, Keira Knightley’s green dress in Atonement, Audry Hepburn in My Fair Lady, and Kate Winslet in Titanic--specifically when she gets out of the car.

Favorite coffee shop?

Mad Man or Irving Farm :)

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