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Whether you are working from home or are simply practicing some social distancing by self-quarantine, you must know by now that it’s not hard to find yourself boredom eating all of the groceries you just stocked up on (I know this isn’t just me). But, in all seriousness, for those of us who are fortunate enough to use this time as a slow-down period, here are some things you can do in the meantime to ease the lack of entertainment and social stimulation during this time.

1. Light that candle you’ve been saving!

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I think we have all done this. We find a perfect candle, splurge on it a bit and bring it home, only to never light it. We don’t want the beautiful aroma to go to waste and we want the candle to last forever. Well, now that you’ll be spending quite some time in your space, what better time than to light up that candle and enjoy it for all it’s worth! We may be biased, but our favorite is our Sunday Forever 11:11 candle. This luxurious blend of soy and coconut wax makes for a clean burn to scent up a room (potentially your entire space!).

2. Write in a journal. 

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Journaling has many benefits. You may not be the best writer, but not to worry, that’s the beauty of your own personal journal. Here, you are the judge and the beholder of all that lies within. Write down your to-do list, what happened (or didn’t happen—remember, slow down period), your dreams and ideas, a recipe you want to try, ANYTHING! Writing down all of these things can also be a great way to release stress and to self-reflect. It’s almost like talking to a therapist but with the social distancing part.

3. Have a stay-in spa day! 

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OK, so maybe you don’t have any facemasks on hand at the moment. Don’t worry about having to run out and grab some, there are plenty of DIY facemask recipes that are made up of ingredients that you are likely to already have in your kitchen! One of our personal favorites is a honey mask. All you need is some honey. Smear it all over your face and let it sit while you binge watch a tv show or read a chapter of the book you just started. I keep mine on for as long as I can and then rinse it off with warm water in the sink. Your skin will be left soft and supple and you’ll be thanking yourself for the extra bit of self-TLC.

4. Call or text some friends or family you haven’t spoken to in a while.

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This might be a good time to call up a friend you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. Unfortunately, days get busy and it’s hard to keep up with those who aren’t in our immediate day-to-day schedules. This does not mean we don’t love or care about these people, sadly, it’s just the way life can get. Now that some of us have found a lot of additional free-time, it may be good to catch up and check on some of those people you’ve been thinking about.

5. Have your own personal fashion show.

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One of our favorite options.

Go through your closet and come up with some new outfit ideas ready for when the weather is beautiful and the world reverts back to normal. This may also be a great way to discover the things you are no longer wearing in your closet so that you can opt to either donate or sell these items. This is a really fun way to come up with new and exciting combinations of the clothes you already wear. However, it can also be a great time to see what items you are really craving to have in your wardrobe, inspiring you to find some new digs! Check out for our New Arrivals to see if we have what it takes to tickle your new-and-improved wardrobe fancy! To continue supporting us during this time of closure, we are offering giftcards that can be used online or at a later date in store! Pamper yourself or get a gift for a friend--all while helping a favorite small shop stay in operation. 

6. Watch something new!

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We all have those movies and shows we’ve been meaning to watch that get recommended to us over and over again. This might be a good time to start watching those so you can finally be in on those conversations you never quite fully understood regarding Winterfell and Chuck Bass.

A few movies we would recommend are: He’s Just Not That Into You (Netflix), When Harry Met Sally (Hulu), Booksmart (Hulu), Shawshank Redemption (Netflix), PS I Still Love You (Netflix), Blow (Netflix), Pretty in Pink (Amazon), Take Me Home (Amazon), Love and Mercy (Amazon), Roman Holiday, Yours Mine and Ours--Lucille Ball verison. 

And a few shows: Once Upon a Time (Netflix), Love is Blind (Netflix), New Girl (Netflix), The Good Place (Netflix), and Dawson's Creek (LEXIE'S PICK!)

7. Relax.

Sure, all of this free-time may make us tempted to work on those dream projects we always talk about or finally read those books that have been sitting on the shelf, but one of the best things we can do for ourselves during a time like this that is full of stress and unknowns is to just…be. It’s not easy, as we are people who love productivity and getting things done. However, in light of all the darkness, some of us have been allowed some time to rest our minds, souls, and bodies for a bit of time. Nourish your mind with a good night’s sleep and nourish your body with a healthy meal. Take care of yourself and be mindful of those around you. Together we are strongest!

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